Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to the drawing board

Well it seems like I need to still work a bit on my concept boards. The first one is all right but the last two need work and it has to do with the trash and junk I've chosen. I really need to figure this junk situation out as to what to include. The junk that I have will determine my target audience so if my target audience is still 9-15 year old, I need to represent them through the trash and junk. Easier said then done. Also alot of the trash and junk floats in real life, but do I need to adhere to that? Can I use my poetic license and have junk that would really be floating on the top of the ocean sunk down to the bottom of the water?

Also the feedback on the newest version of my storyboard was all right. The two new scenes I added in I think really work. I do have to rework though the scenes of the fisherman catching the junk. Right now it's just too repetitive and a bit boring but for some reason I was trying to stay with a beat of three or rule of three whatever it is that was discussed the first/second day of class. I think I'm going to go with my original intention of doing some type of montage with dissolves to depict the catching of the trash/junk and the build up of the trash/junk in the back of the boat. The only problem now is I have to figure out how to represent that in my new version of my storyboard.

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