Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Concept Board Feedback

So showed off my concept boards in class today and got some helpful feedback and also cemented some issues I had of my own with the concept boards. I had made the boat and fisherman too central in the composition, since it's really not about the fisherman he shouldn't be smack dab in the center, need to shift him off center a bit more and get rid of the red shirt, try not to draw so much attention to him. For the concept board of the underwater scene, of the crabs putting junk onto the hook, it's just to colorful. My original inspiration for the underwater scenes was Pop Art, but don't really think it's working out. The bright colors were actually making the junked up ocean floor look like a cool place to be. Need to tone it down a bit more and also need to rethink the junk that I'm going to have scattered about. The junk will reflect my target audience.

The one good thing that's come out of doing these concept boards is that I really like the feel and texture that the water colors give to the sky and water. So I'm going to try to incorporate that into my final piece. Right now I'm pretty definite that I'm going to paint the sky using water colors and scan that in and use that as my sky plate, not sure yet if I'm going to approach the water and underwater scene the same way, but definitely the sky. Although I have to still figure out how to do the clouds.

Anyway back to the drawing board for my concept boards

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