Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Character Sheets

Just some quick descriptions of the various characters and elements in my project.

The Ocean: The blue ocean has a slow undulating movement to it, very quiet tranquil and calm.
The Sky: Similar qualities as the ocean, very blue with white wispy clouds.
The overall character of both the ocean and the sky is one of calmness and perfection, that
nothing is wrong.
The Boat: The boat itself isn't old but it looks like it's been used a lot and is weathered, it could use a fresh coat of paint. The once pure white paint is grayish.
The Junk/Trash: A lot of the junk still appears in good condition and that it shouldn't of been thrown away. The colors of everything is muted and desatured.
The Ocean Floor: It's littered with discarded and items and junk for as far as the eye can see. Even though it's covered with junk/trash the place has a sense of emptiness to it.
The Crabs: One crab is short and stocky. Resembles a muscle bound gym rat with no neck and beady little eyes. The other crab is leaner, almost has a look of a long distance runner. Has large round eyes. The one unique distinguishing feature of him is that he has this huge massive claw, while his other claw is of average size in proportion to his body.

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