Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Claw Bigger than the Other

Some one just asked me why the one crab in my concept boards has one huge claw. Well, in the wild there are some crabs that are actually like that. They have this oversized claw while the other one is just normal size. They use this claw to defend their home, fight for or protect their mates and plus it looks cool! Ok well that last reason might not be true but the other ones are. So I took those things into account when coming up with one of my crab characters. I also decided that he probably has this huge claw because he's constantly lifting and moving junk and trash all day long while trying to clean up his environment. Either putting it on fishing hooks or at least moving it out of the way of his home. He's like one of those guys who goes to the gym and all they do is upper body workouts. So they have these huge muscular upper bodies but little pencil legs.

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