Monday, September 8, 2008

Story Ideas

So I've come up with two rough story ideas:

Story Idea 1:
The Daydream
A young boy sits in the back of a classroom. Upfront the teacher is drawing a diagram of the solar system on the chalkboard and is droning on about gravitational pull and the orbits of the planets. The boy, looks out the window and begins to daydream about space travel and fantastical new worlds. His daydream is suddenly interrupted by his teacher asking him a questions to which he has no answer because he wasn't paying attention.

Story Idea 2:
The Fisherman
A fisherman is out on a river in a boat fishing. He isn't catching any fish. The only things that are on his hook when he pulls up his line are random pieces of junk or fish skeletons. You leave him and wander up river. The sounds of nature are slowly replaced by factory noises. You notice a large factory looming in the distance and can see it's sewage pipe dumping into the river.

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