Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Thesis Idea

Ok so I think I've finally settled on an idea for my thesis. I'm going to go with the guy fishing and catching nothing but junk/trash idea. Basically it's about a line fisherman who isn't catching fish, the only thing that he is catching is random pieces of junk, i.e, old boots, tennis rackets, cans, etc, etc... Unknown to him down below on the ocean floor are two crabs who seem to be doing some spring cleaning and are getting rid of all the litter on the ocean floor by putting it on the fisherman's hook. I think I choose this idea because it seems to have more of a message behind it, what that message is I'm still figuring out.

I think it's important to have something that has some kind of social awareness to it or a message. I really think art in general has potential to change things or give people a new out look on issues or just life in general. Hopefully this idea is all right and every thing works out. Fingers crossed.

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