Saturday, October 18, 2008

Looking for inspiration

So,lately I've been racking my brain about how I'm going to represent the crabs that are at the end of my animation, even though they're only in the whole piece for about 6seconds they still need to look cool. Well,I braved Times Square and went to the Toys-R-Us that's there figuring that I'd be able to find some type of inspiration crab related. Well it was a waste of time, nothing was to be found, I was really hoping I'd find some plastic crab toy that would spur something in my head or that I could actually use by photographing and then cutting up the photo and animating that. All that ended up happening was me being annoyed by the crowd of tourists.

1 comment:

rule said...

Dude, I may have a crab for you. Mercy has some funny looking crab toy. I'll take a pic of it and send to you. FYI skip toys r us and hit up babies r us. they have cooler looking toys.