Friday, October 24, 2008


So I've been scouring the internet lately for some animation references, in regards to two particular points.

1. How to deal with blending the photographic elements with hand drawn elements.
2. How to depict the movement of the water and the feel of being underwater.

Well my searching has paid off somewhat. I've found a few really great reference animations. The first one is something that I should of automatically thought of but for some reason or another it just slipped my mind. Luckily, I somehow stumbled upon it again and I'm glad I did. I'm speaking of the title sequence for the movie Juno, done by Shadowplay Studios. It's almost exactly what I need to do.

Click here to view Juno's opening titles.

They had both photographic elements and hand drawn elements. The way they integrated the two was to photocopy the photographic elements until they got the feel they were going for and then they hand colored them using markers. So it still had a photographic quality to it but it also had a hand drawn quality to it too! I'm going to have to test this out. Check out their Flickr site for behind the scenes photos of how they accomplished this.

Just by coincidence when I was watching the movie Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden by Morgan Spurlock, just for pleasure and not for any research purposes. I was surprised to see an animated ocean sequence! Just my luck.

Sorry but I couldn't find a quick little movie anywhere on line to show you the animation, but this is what they basically did. The animations where all done using still photographs. For the animation of the ocean scene. It looks like they just broke up sections of the ocean into different planes and then animated them individually. Not sure if that's how I will end up doing that but it definitely gave me something to not only think about but try.

The last reference I recently found is one in regards to how to depict an underwater feeling. This one is from Buck and was done for the UK network Five.

Click here to view video.

This was good to watch because it gave me some ideas on how to create a general underwater atmosphere in regards to the underwater lighting and to include particles floating around in the water(just as like dust floating around in the air).

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